Transitions Optical
Transitions Optical

Transitions Optical

Transitions Optical, the pioneers in the field of photochromic technology, offer dynamic, intuitive and innovative eyewear solutions designed to quickly adjust and adapt in changing light to help protect from the sun’s rays and enhance the vision of eyeglass wearers.

Located in Pinellas Park, Transitions Optical has undergone many additions to its facility. They added a 65,000 square foot expansion of their existing facility, including a class 100 production cleanroom and most recently a class 10,000 cleanroom.

During construction of the cleanrooms, support mezzanines were also installed above the cleanrooms to house the additional HVAC fans, ductwork and electrical services needed. All work performed was tightly sealed and the air was filtered to assure production to the rest of the plant was not effected.

All work performed under license number CGC057987

  • 65,000 SF Clean Room Expansion

  • Class 100 Production Clean Room

  • Class 10,000 Clean Room